Welcome to Indonesia!

Interesting facts about the HELUKABEL subsidiary and the country.

  • HELUKABEL Indonesia was founded in 2013. The office is located directly in the center of the capital, Jakarta, and the warehouse is conveniently situated near an industrial estate.
  • There are currently ten employees working on-site in administration, sales and the warehouse. The managing director is Erick Chandra Lionardi.
  • Most customers are from traditional industries; for example, they produce food, building materials, steel or paper. Others come from the mining, renewable energy, oil and gas production, and rail transport sectors.
  • The best selling cables in Indonesia are the JZ-500 and F-CY-JZ control cables, as well as the H05V-K and H07V-K PVC single core cables.
  • HELUKABEL Indonesia uses its own vehicle and driver to deliver cables; customers appreciate this flexible service.


This species-rich country is home to GIGANTIC FLOWERS. The petals of the eleven-kilo Rafflesia arnoldii grow to 3 feet in diameter. The flower of the titan arum grows 10 feet high and gives off an odour of decay to attract flies for pollination.

In 1936 in France, under the name of “Dutch East Indies” as the country was known then, the Indonesian team was THE FIRST ASIAN FOOTBALL TEAM to participate in a FIFA World Cup. They lost 6-0 to Hungary in the last round of 16.

With approximately 255 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the FOURTH MOST POPULOUS COUNTRY in the world; 200 million of them are practising Muslims, making it the largest Muslim nation in the world.

The MAIN EXPORT PRODUCTS of the island nation are gold, copper, liquefied natural gas, palm oil, textiles and tropical wood. Indonesia also supplies France with 3,000 tonnes of frog legs every year.

The word “KETCHUP” probably stems from “kecap”, the Indonesian word for sauce. Originally though it had nothing to do with tomatoes, but rather with black soybeans.